Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 15.4.3555.308 [Offline Installer]

I'm sure you're very familiar with all the usability and how to use Windows Live Movie Maker 2011. Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 [Offline Installer] 15.4.3555.308 is an application that you can use to edit and create videos from your photos or your own images, audio such as MP3, and can also add objects from another video. For users Windows 7 of course hopes any application like this once, as we know in Windows XP already installed software package for Movie Maker, and Windows 7? Windows 7 users should download and install the Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows 7 has a replacement for the actual application of Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker, but unfortunately our users sometimes do not realize or do not know of any application, Movie Maker , Windows DVD Maker in Windows 7 that he used, or also know the existence of the application Windows DVD Maker but didn't know how to use Windows DVD Maker.

An undeniable average users of Windows 7 is "former" loyal users Windows XP so that the already very familiar with Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows XP, for nostalgia with Windows Live Movie Maker then I share the Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 15.4.3555.308 for Windows 7.

Even though it was Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 this offline installer but you must be connected to the internet to streamline the install process. Hear the sentence is definitely the dipikiran you are what the difference between an offline installer with installer online if the internet connection is still required in the install process? Internet connection only for expedited, and do some checking your Windows system entry criteria or not so it can be given a solution by Microsoft, while online you have to wait quite a long time ago to do the process data delivery and installation online from microsoft's server to your computer.

Add videos and photos: Easy to edit: Share online: Requirements:
Processor: 1.6 GHz or higherMemory: 1 GB of RAM or higherResolution: Minimum: 1024 × 576Internet connection: Internet functionality requires dial-up or broadband Internet access (provided separately). Local or long-distance charges may apply. High-speed Internet access is recommended for some features.Graphics or video card: Windows Live Movie Maker requires a video card that supports DirectX 9 or higher and Shader Model 2 or higher.What's new:
Movie Maker can't start if your computer doesn't have Windows Media Player installed:

Windows Live Movie Maker requires some components of Windows Media Player. Movie Maker can't start if it's installed on a version of Windows Vista or Windows 7 that doesn't include Windows Media Player, and you haven't installed Windows Media Player yourself. To solve this problem, install Windows Media Player from the Microsoft Download Center.
Movie Maker does not support certain file types:
For a list of the file types you can use in Windows Live Movie Maker, see What kind of files can I use in Movie Maker? Support for using MPEG-2 and Microsoft Recorded TV Show video files in your movies is available only if your computer is running one of the following versions of Windows: Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, or Windows 7 Ultimate. Depending on the camera you use to record video, you might need to install your ...

Download : Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 15.4.3555.308 [Offline Installer]

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